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  1. Business Trader Magazine on

    Interesting video. You are not your body. You have a body like you have a
    car, a phone, a wallet etc. 

  2. Randy Parsley on

    Randy Parsley
    Ok guys, here’s the latest vid I did for my wife Diane L. Ross. This one
    was slightly longer (about 4 minutes) and took much longer because of all
    the text which I had to time with her voice over. It is about a simple NLP
    technique she has used successfully with her clients for years. I used
    Camtasia for most of the editing. Did some keyframe zooms in Hitfilms2
    (from the lion to the field mouse), a really cool dissolve using Pixelan in
    Powerdirector (near the beginning where it goes from a girl to a
    bunny…that’s right a bunny). Stock footage mostly from Videoblocks and
    little bubble guys and animations from Presenter Media, sound from my
    Sonicfire Pro library, except the Hawaiian music at end was Videoblocks. I
    try to put a little funny vid of myself in the end credits. This time it
    was a very short “bloopers” of my shooting some of my stuff in front of a
    greenscreen. Watch for that! Enjoy and give us a +, please! Thanks all. The
    Secret NLP Weight Loss Technique That Works by Diane L Ross

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