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  1. Bogdan Marzewski on

    Must see this video, great presentation; we as humans are totally
    responsible for everything and anythig that goes on in our lives. the
    difficult part is to understand and to aknowledge that concept.

  2. I’m guessing zenrr1 gets subsidies from psycho-pharmaceutical companies and
    feels the need to thwart any alternative to “corporate-medicine” that might
    threaten his “bottom line”. This message fully resonates with my wife and
    I. ..but on the other hand my grandmother was the first to point me to this
    with: “Now son, don’t be ugly. Happy is a choice and you can always choose
    to make it your first choice”.

  3. If there’s anything in this speech that remotely makes sense to you then
    listen to it again at your leisure. Then again. and then again and again
    and again when ever you want. Also listen to other people talk on the same
    subject. You will find that these principles will become part of how you
    live your life in your own personal and unique way, free from the burden of
    blaming or seeing yourself as a victim in life.

  4. Talk Find (Emotional Intelligence – EQ)…
    TEDxWaiakea-Michael Benner- Why Emotional Quotient (EQ) is More Important
    Than IQ

  5. Sorry, but the book “How to win friends and influence people” was written
    by Dale Carnegie and not Dr. Norman Vincent Peale .

  6. 14 minutes that is worth the time.

    TEDxWaiakea-Michael Benner- Why Emotional Quotient (EQ) is More Important
    Than IQ!

  7. Mark Elsebusch on

    If we put an average nine year old in a college calculus class, he may come
    away with the same opinion as you spouted. You may want to be more careful
    about revealing your lack of understanding publicly.

  8. Mark Elsebusch on

    Settle down, relax, understand yourself, serve others, and prosper in
    peace. So simple, so demonstrable in the lives of so many enlightened
    souls, yet so threatening to those convinced the law of the jungle is the
    only way.

  9. I don’t see how loving one or other country has anything to do with loving
    you. He wouldn’t share this if he didn’t love people.

  10. He seems like a smart, nice man who has found ‘inner peace’…? But will a
    severely autistic and mentally retarded person ever feel and act like he
    does? He’s privileged…

  11. Michael is a total genius, another one of his brilliant presentations… he
    makes it look easy and I always get something new from it every time I
    watch it! Well done ;-)

  12. Michael Benner on

    My Tedx Talk on YouTube is moving past 13,000 hits. Can you help us share
    it? Mahalo. TEDxWaiakea-Michael Benner- Why Emotional Quotient (EQ) is More
    Important Than IQ

  13. How true this is! The last 2 minutes describes myself and so many others I
    have known. The most powerful speech I have ever heard about the fallacies
    of relationship building and happiness.



    This is a question that Michael Benner explores in this thought-provoking
    14-minute TED Talk that had us stilled into contemplative silence.

    In the video, he talks about what emotional intelligence is and how it’s
    fundamental to the success of every facet of our lives. But most of all, he
    reiterates the importance of always taking responsibility for our emotions;
    regardless of the way they’re effected by other people.

    We could watch this video on loop. His practical and heartfelt delivery
    really made us take note about the importance of becoming more conscious
    and cultivating and strengthening our inner EQ.

    What’s your reaction to the video?

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