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  1. Resale Renegade on

    There’s all kinds of cool stuff you can do with NLP! haha.. A lot of
    hypnotists use it to make people do what they want them to do… It’s like
    magic! ……… only not. haha. Thanks for watching Tom!

  2. it’s ironic because you’re kinda teaching sales wo/men how to sell lol and
    at the same time selling yourself in a different kind of way to get
    subscribers and because you appear confident and look like you
    intellectually know what you are talking about (not saying you don’t know
    what you’re talking about) that you’ve gained at least my subscription sir :) – Just an observation

  3. Ok this may be a very odd request but could you do a vid on where and how
    you go about finding a buyer/refiner of your precious metals and gems that
    you buy. thank you for all your epic vids brother keep them coming

  4. Resale Renegade on

    When you’re the buyer, desperate words are great things to listen for. But
    even on people that aren’t desperate, if you really listen, a lot of times
    you can pick up on their true motives for selling and solve a problem. It’s
    not ALWAYS about money. I’ve picked up items for next to nothing because I
    solved the sellers real problem. Like people that need space more than
    money, or people that are liquidating divorce items and just need emotional
    freedom over cash, etc.. Thanks for watching Sean!

  5. Ariel Spencer on

    Hey resale, good stuff. im about to embark on a job with a company that is
    contracted through verizon. I will be walking and popping in on business
    owners to have them sign up for verizon business services. whats your
    suggestion if your approaching rather than the person coming to you??

  6. Resale Renegade on

    Absolutely! It’s amazing what you can actually pick up on if you really
    listen to people. :) Thank you for watching!

  7. Troy Durrance on

    I’ve been in sales for 20+ years. Thank God my current job job doesn’t
    require face to face sales. :) Now my part time job/hobby (Photography)
    is almost requiring that I get back into F2F sales. Only if I want to make
    money ;) So, thank you… I’m subscribed! 

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