Sport and NLP


Applied Sports Psychology using NLP Techniques

Every top athlete knows the importance of mental conditioning; physical prowess alone is not enough to put you at the top of your game, and this is where sport and NLP come together so that you can perform at your best. A little known fact is that top performers in their sport and NLP techniques (provided by their coaches or sports psychologists) are combined to ensure that the maximum performance that they choose to achieve is consistent and repeatable.

The increased stress of competitions (at all levels) can cause us to react both physically and mentally in a manner whic can negatively affect our performance abilities. We may feel tense , experience our heart rate racing, break into a cold sweat and worry about the outcome of the competition reduces our ability to concentrate. This phenomenon has been called competitive anxiety, and it doesn’t just affect top athletes.

The body is a mass of muscles and nerves linked together into the central processing unit that is the brain. Negative experiences when we fail, or our performance lets us down, can be committed to memory and recycled by the brain each time we try to perform in the future.

NLP Therapy can intervene with that negative recycling pattern and eliminate competitive anxiety. Using NLP tecniques around goal setting, stress and anxiety reduction and guided imagery you will soon be ahead of the game. Not only will the competitive anxiety have been eliminated, your performance will have been enhanced.


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