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  1. hongkongfooyHAZE on

    all inventions and breakthroughs have pored from this. (often by ppl that
    society would deem to b a little eccentric) i hope by employing techniques
    like these we r not going to (cure) geniuses. turn them away from there
    (negative thought patterns) . all problems r negative until solved them
    then the whole experience can b seen as beneficial 1.. so long as u can
    learn from it:) history has a tendency to forget the bad and remember the
    good..thus not representing the truth at all:( still good tho

  2. Blake Scorpio on

    Were you also using the two finger touch to physically anchor him ? The
    last few moments were golden. You are remembering to answer this question
    NOW. That’s right…. Excellent video. 

  3. Matt Brauning on

    Hi everyone, so this may seem crazy, but when I uploaded this video, I
    actually didn’t tag or use any descriptions… Sorry for not responding, I
    literally didn’t think people would see it, was just for my students and
    grads… LOL I went back into Youtube last week and saw 11,000 views, so I
    will start commenting back if anyone has any questions :) Sorry about that!

  4. Is he touching a specific nerve or meridian to help this person forget his
    problem?? Is that the technique to NLP or is using something else?

  5. I got pattern interrupted once so brutally. I swear I blacked out for a
    second or two. A guy made a weird comment as were about to shake hands. I
    totally didn’t expect him to say anything like that. It was as unexpected
    as seeing an alien appearing out of thin air. And when I gained
    consciousness I found myself holding his hand. It was so funny to me and to
    him afterwards. But not in the moment. In the moment my brain was totally
    fried and I was so disoriented.
    Until then I never believed that it was possible to black out and loose
    consciousness for a second from an interrupted pattern.

  6. hongkongfooyHAZE on

    i may need a reboot. i loved this.. i am very interested in ways we can all
    sneakily help other ppl. who dont either know they need help or want it. i
    can see how this could b a powerful thing.. power is a drug… stops us
    from thinking clearly, usually to not just ourselves but generations to
    follow. probably what that caveman thought when he starred at the first
    sharpened stick. also.. this does require a judgment…that some1 is indeed
    doing something wrong?. variety IS the spice of life. no?

  7. Matt Brauning on

    +Blake Scorpio I’m sure I would anchor him whenever possible. Once a client
    accesses that “I just forgot…” state, it can be a useful state to induce
    later on. Sometimes people are do attached to the permanency of their
    problems, a little interrupt or anchor really loosens their grip well. Then
    we can do some real work! Thanks for watching!

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