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Breaking Bad Habits using NLP Techniques

Habits are simply patterns of behaviour, so NLP techniques can provide an ideal intervention to breaking bad habits (or old habits that don’t work) and develop or make new habits that work for you. When developing a habit we start as unconsciously incompetent, not only do we not know how to do something but we don’t know it! If we learn to drive a car we are soon aware of our frustrations and it demands our full attention, this is the stage of conscious incompetence, where we actually learn the most even though it feels uncomfortable. This soon leads to the stage of conscious competence, you have learned the skill but don’t feel in perfect control. Lastly you reach the stage of unconscious competence; the activity is a breeze, you drive the car seemingly on autopilot.

Practise a task enough and you reach the stage of unconscious competence sooner or later. Habits are formed like this, some will be useful habits and some will be ones we’d rather not have thank you very much. It may surprise you to learn that an unwanted habit can be unlearnt very quickly with NLP techniques, much quicker than the time it took you to learn it, and a new habit can be learned in its place fairly quickly too.

Habits are commonly thought of as nail biting, blushing, always getting a kebab on the way home from the pub, always watching Coronation Street, etc. They can be described as habitual behaviours and so take as many forms as you could think of e.g. always being late, getting road rage / wound up when stuck in traffic, avoiding a particular place, person or activity. All habits can be changed.

Are there qualities you’d like to have more of?

Think of a list of qualities you’d like to have as part of your character. Maybe you have a quality but feel it’s rather weak, maybe you aspire to having a quality you feel you don’t currently possess. With NLP techniques you can install the qualities you desire so creating effective new habits.


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