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  1. I’ve read about most of these things before, yet you never cease to amaze
    me with in-depth understanding and better examples in your videos. 

  2. Hey leo, nice video. I m pretty good at the most of the examples you gane
    at 9-11 min of the video. I considered generally myself as having pretty
    good EQ, perhaps I m wrong. But what I know for sure is that I really such
    at taking desicions. Seriously it takes me as lot of time and thinking to
    decide between things. Any advice about that? Thank you

  3. guru Leo, your talks help me get out of bed in the morning, and give me
    something to think about for the rest of the day, thank you for your wisdom
    and effort!!

  4. Leo I didn’t found a more suitable video to ask you. I’m by far more
    sensitive than most men, and when I start feeling emotions I lose all my
    coldness and reason. For example: I met a woman, we had nothing in common,
    but with her I have had the most wonderful sex in my life, better than I
    ever imagined. Then I realized she is promised, but I’m already in love
    with her. Dont wanna forget her or what happened. I just want to stop
    suffering for falling in love so easily.

  5. It really does pain me to see things like this. I will try to be as cordial
    as possible but these are straight misrepresentations of facts. First
    correlation is not causation even sociologist are taught this though they
    ignore it too. Just because someone has a huge iq and does not produce (
    which couldn’t be further from the truth) doesn’t mean it’s the cause. Many
    geniuses have a wide range of other abilities and mental illnesses. Take
    Jhon Nash as an example. This simplistic overview seems you haven’t really
    looked into the research. When I had my first dreams of cellular automata
    in the 4 dimension my mother thought I was crazy. When I told her the the
    number 8 is purple because its a perfect number they thought me mad. I had
    no friends because how could I relate to their simple mindedness? By middle
    school I tried to use the gauss divergence theorem to calculate the flow of
    kids on the play ground. Again I have empathy, I am a theoretical physicist
    that studies the intersections of string theory, matrix theory, and
    Euclidean quantum gravity. I have many friends and papers published. I know
    many geniuses and work with them and I can tell you this video is just
    wrong. Worst off you use a psuedo science like psychology to validate your
    view. Psychology is the inappropriate use of positivism on the outcomes of
    chaotic bifurcated neurons in your head. They lead to simplistic answers
    like this. Not the fact that the universities are not meant for geniuses,
    not that such an awareness of the systemic down falls of the society and
    the social stratification they pose, not the fact that deep down people
    have a natural distain and intimidation no no it has to do with this
    trumped up empirical model of “EQ” that are maybe one step better than
    jungian personality types of which the most senior intelligence theorist
    reject even the iq test let alone EQ. I as a polymath see the deep
    connectivity of this entire bs psychology thing because I know the quantum
    events in your hippothalmus I know the deep philosophical truth that you
    are trying to measure the subjective empirically which is an
    epistimological joke by the way. This kind of spreading of simplistic
    answers and junk science makes me want to write my own book. You may be
    able to impress a view people with using esoteric vernacular like self
    actualization but again people who understand these areas would so hotly
    disagree. You know not of the higher geniuses. There are already so few of
    us left these days…

  6. So much wisdom Leo.
    Your videos cost millions of dollars.
    See how you can translate all your videos,
    In different languages, like Spanish. 

  7. Hiiii & thank you very much for the video i love it :))))) , i have a
    question which is ” How can i change my feelings from negative to
    positive? & do feelings change eternally? Or do they come back? Loads
    of Love :))))))

  8. Well … EQ is important because …. well emotions are information.
    Whenever you are trying to resolve a math problem and it doesn’t work
    anything … if you take a break , and get your emotions in check then …
    something clicks , you get inspiration . Inspiration is what it sounds …
    someone else in this universe is doing the thinking …. and you just get a
    piece of the information from nowhere . It sounds strange but … really
    people who meditate in Asia get this fact very easily . When you
    rationalize … you think with your head instead of getting information
    from somewhere else . Life is a game … and someone does the thinking
    while others reap the rewards . It always was like this . We live in a
    Matrix where this stuff happens all the time . Like in the movie the Matrix
    . Why do I say emotions are information ? Well any sort of energy is
    information . When something changes like you move an object from A to B
    for example …. the information changes about that object ( the object is
    no longer in the same coordinates ) as well as it was done with kinetic
    energy . When you put a piece of paper in the fire, the paper burns
    generating heat, the information about that piece of paper also changes ,
    it is no longer a piece of paper it is ashes . With time those ashes also
    oxidize … and that is done with a very small amount of energy . The
    bigger the energy … the bigger the information . The better you feel …
    the more productive you can be . And it is also tied with your sexual
    impulses . Those who know this thing … are more soft when talking, they
    are better listeners . Actually EQ and kindness are almost the same thing .
    I say almost because I am not 100 percent sure . But we do live in a matrix
    based on our sexual impuses …. and those who don’t look at women as
    sexual objects are really winners of the game … in many ways . A basic
    look at the game, how it works between people is the Karpman_drama_triangle
    . A third person always watches the conflict between two people . Do a
    search on that on google and you will see what I am talking about !! 

  9. Dominique Hill on

    your videos are amazing, i just have one question.

    what if you are always physically reminded of your past, but you want
    nothing more than to move on?

  10. All they had to do was read the Bible and they wouldn’t have to spend all
    that time studying. The Bible has all the answers. Thank you Jesus.

  11. Arnau Bermudez on

    i did the test leo! and i got a 78 out 100, I’m quite happy with the result
    but theres a lot more to learn and improve…
    btw i agree with dead4uman! the incredibly so deep understanding in your
    insights is refreshing to wonder about, you have completely restore my full
    interest in self development! i felt stuck for a while in this amazing way
    of living life´s potential.

  12. Oh also by the way you said studies and research where is your citations. A
    claim that can be made without evidence can dismissed without evidence. 

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