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  1. Its a skill, and like any skill needs to be practiced, the other video, the
    one with the draining bottle would give you a visual and audio stimulus and
    metaphor to help ‘get it’. The first time you tried to walk and fell over
    you never just gave up saying ‘dont work for me’ Best of luck, anxiety can
    be mastered by anyone.

  2. Given the right toools, a person can succesfully overcome anxiety, check
    out my channel for a really simple an effective technique for draining
    anxiety away. Andrew, happy minds. happyminds1

  3. Your voice is very soothing, and I think this technique is going to help me
    for my upcoming interview. Thank you so much for posting this!

  4. You are very welcome, if you enjoyed it, be sure to sign up for the free
    MP3. Also there will be a new video in next couple of days that will
    enhance the technique further.

  5. Glad you enjoyed it and got something from it. hank you for the comment,
    will be another anxiety draining video up soon.

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