Coping with Breakup


Marriage and Relationship Breakup

When coping with breakup, such as marriage and relationship breakup, or breakup of any close friendship, all of us may experience pain and sorrow at times, it’s a natural part of the grieving process. When you feel like this is getting out of hand, adversely affecting areas of your life and how well you function, then it’s probably time to consider help.

The decision to end a relationship is always a hard one, usually made by one person. Before that decision is made a lot has usually gone on, a relationship breakup happens slowly. Before making the decision ask the following questions:

1. Is it possible to make changes within your relationship?

2. What , if anything can I do to improve things?

3. Are there clear advantages to breaking up?

This will help you appraise honestly whether things are so bad there is no alternative.

A marriage and relationship breakup is a process rather than a single event, so each partner won’t necessarily be at the same emotional point when the decision is made. Unstable emotions may be the name of the game for a period of time. NLP Therapy can help you evaluate what you want, both from this relationship, and future ones.

Telling your family and friends that your marriage or relationship isn’t working and that you are getting divorced can be:

a. Stressful.

b. Emotional.

c. Final.

d. Life Changing.


The “Plus” is the unexpected responses you may receive when family and friends first react to the news of your relationship breakup. These responses can vary from embarassment, celebration (he/she was never good enough for you!), to criticism and anger.

So you may find yourself dealing with your own changing emotions, and the emotions of those around you.

If you are preparing to end a relationship, NLP techniques can help stabilize those emotions during what is a difficult process. Being prepared and having support can help enormously, and reduce the emotional aftermath.

Identify supportive friends, ones who look at every situation as a potential opportunity and who are always ready to give without keeping score. Identify them and stay close. You know who they are. You feel it. You sense it.

Use professional help when coping with breakup. This will help you face any challenges that lie ahead. With knowledge you can cope, without it you may fear what you don’t know. Knowledge is power.

NLP techniques can also be used to make coping with breakup easier for you and those around you. By using and identifying past resourceful states and utilizing aspects of time line therapy it becomes possible to see a brighter future. A way forward. Using anchoring can help make physiological changes so you feel healthier in mind, body and spirit.

These techniques won’t erase the value of the relationship, or its pleasant memories, but will help you to move on and be emotionally ready for new relationships, so that you can:

1. Like yourself.

2. Stop comparing (and despairing) yourself to others.

3. Start making full use of your abilities.

4. Start viewing your mistakes as a way of learning.

5. Start finding ways to change your life for the better.

6. Start taking action rather than planning action.

7. Learn to accept compliments.

8. Treat yourself as your best friend.

9. Be patient with yourself.

10. Forgive yourself – what’s done is done.


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