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  1. David Alexander on

    CRod, nice thoughts. I agree with you, and here’s another thought,

    Hmmm…, I wonder if the belief that, “I’m a terrific driver, so I can do a
    video at the same time I’m driving safely” is a pattern that might also be
    interruptible? I’m pretty sure that every distracted driver who cut me off
    or never even noticed I was on the road would say that they are great
    drivers, if asked. The real question is, how can we know what we don’t
    know? The life you save may be yours …or mine. Your safety record, as
    well as mine, can be perfect… until it’s not.

  2. DaRealBigIzzy on

    CROD THANKS SOOO MUCH! This was a very empowering video. I was a defensive
    lineman and am a naturally aggressive/direct in nature. Frustration is
    often my first thought, but this ONE little nugget has helped me immensely.
    Thanks a MILLION!
    #CoachCRod #subscribed 

  3. LOL @ 6.07secs – sounds like his bullet proof car gets shot at twice, but
    jokes aside – a great vid this is – defo something to think about
    incorporating into ones own life.

  4. Carol Minarcik on

    Great Video Cesar, Mmmmm, what else could that mean…….You do have a
    great video personality, I will be excited to get to know you better. Have
    a FANTASTIC day!

  5. Cesar just don’t let your mom see you driving and filming she does not care
    where you’re from! Like always great video…

  6. I do this in the mornings when my brain is hiding my ID for work Tripping
    going out the house but now after your utube. i will concentrate on every
    thought . I do believe there is a reason for everything an
    d thank you I will look with eyes open wide. I do allot of this without
    thinking , but being more aware is brilliant for your fellow man. xxx loved

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