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  1. Cassaundra williams on

    Awesoooome… tips. Buy nooooow you know I love your thought process when
    it comes to marketing! (Inside serious joke), but you’ll unerstand if you
    watched the video! Totally great tips to help increase sales, getting
    leads, and especially with conversions! You are a strong Marketer Laura and
    are always there helping others with very good content.

  2. Kevin Schuyler on

    Now here’s something new and crazy, get outta here! Go on! It’s a sales
    technique? Go away now, get out!
    Can you say I’m leaving? Can you say I’m leaving with conviction, and
    loudly?? Say it! I’m leaving!! Go on now, get outta here.
    What are you doing in the store… wasting time and possibly money?!! Get
    outta here! By now you know you’re being hypnotized… You know when
    someone says buy now and you leave? You leave? You do, you just go. We
    all do. You go now, and get out. These folks here are sales people. look
    up unethical, and see their group photo… go now. Go on, really! Buy
    now you just go!

  3. not bad. but before putting all these things into practice it might be a
    good idea to think of the quality and competitiveness of the product or
    service you’re supplying consumers with. It gives you more confidence. And
    with the abundance of confidence you can talk anyone into anything… 

  4. Christina Mowatt on

    Don’t talk about it unless you know about it? Okay! Neuro linguistic was
    developed by the CIA as a mind control technique. All this crap about
    success and increasing sales is to support their system. 

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